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Sculpture is the best comment that a painter can make on painting.

Pablo Picasso

Natalie was thrilled to be given the opportunity to create two public artworks. 

Her most recent work is a 2.9m high sculpture of Sir Colin Meads which is installed in the main street of Te Kuiti. She also is the sculptress behind the 4.2m long bronze sculpture of Sir Michael Jones at Eden Park.

In honour of the centenary of the ANZACs, she also completed a small bronze of James Waddell, one of New Zealand's most highly decorated soldiers. Click below to find out more.

In her other work she has produced a large range of things from 'rice babies' as part of a group of works commenting on genetic engineering and consumerism to 'kete koat' which is part of a show looking into New Zealand identity and culture issues.

Having spent most of her life sculpting Natalie is really in her element working in three dimensions.

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